23 June 2012

106.3° F with 9% humidity

106.3° F with 9% humidity by elisabethp
106.3° F with 9% humidity, a photo by elisabethp on Flickr.

Thank goodness I got central a/c recently. It feels like Phoenix in my front yard.

08 October 2011

01 December 2008

On break

I've decided to take a break due to demands from my job.

I hope I don't lose all my Russian language knowledge because I intend to keep learning when my job settles down!

28 November 2008

Robin Williams Russian improv

I saw Robin Williams on The Graham Norton Show this weekend. I was surprised that he actually knows a few words of Russian and a few words of French well enough to use them during his improv. I can't imagine speaking Russian well enough to make jokes on TV!

19 November 2008

New word, but no new flashcard

I learned a new word today, пиндосы (pindosy), but I've made the executive decision to not make flashcards for naughty words.