01 November 2004

My current study materials

  1. Russian Personal Edition level 1, Rosetta Stone;

  2. Russian I: 3rd Ed. (Comprehensive), Pimsleur;

  3. Take Off in Russian audio cassettes, Oxford (2001);

  4. Russian Complete Course, Living Language;

  5. Teach Yourself Beginner's Russian Grammar;

  6. The Big Silver Book of Russian Verbs (Big Books), Jack Franke;

  7. First Reader in Russian, Ann Rolbin;

  8. Unistar 99,5 website www.unistar.by;

  9. Harper Collins Russian Concise Dictionary;

  10. The Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary: Russian-English English-Russian;

  11. homemade flash cards on index cards;

  12. Russian for Beginners, Duff & Makaroff;

  13. Russian Stories: A Dual Language Book, Dover.

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