09 March 2008


This evening I was treated to a very fancy and fun supper at The Russia House in Herndon, VA. Two great friends chose this restaurant since they know I'm studying Russian. Not only did they chose a great restaurant, but they chauffeured me to and from my hotel and paid for the whole supper. I didn't realize that I was being treated to a birthday meal, so I ordered up lots of stuff from the menu and really ran up the tab! What great friends!

The restaurant itself was warm and friendly. I liked the heavy, red draperies and interesting art. Overall the restaurant owners impressed me because they were very attentive to my vegan nutritional constraints.

I loved The Russia House's borscht. I can't believe I waited so long to try this popular Russian dish. I have had some bad experiences with beets in the past, so I was never terribly keen on trying borscht. However, I had a fantastic beet dish while in Geneva recently, so I decided to give beets a second chance and I am glad I did. For me the borscht was served without sour cream and I loved the flavor of the fresh beets and vegetables. I will definitely chose to order борщ again at my future Russian meals.

Sorry, I should have taken some photos for you, but I forgot.