28 November 2008

Robin Williams Russian improv

I saw Robin Williams on The Graham Norton Show this weekend. I was surprised that he actually knows a few words of Russian and a few words of French well enough to use them during his improv. I can't imagine speaking Russian well enough to make jokes on TV!

19 November 2008

New word, but no new flashcard

I learned a new word today, пиндосы (pindosy), but I've made the executive decision to not make flashcards for naughty words.

12 November 2008

old school flashcards

I know, I know, flashcards are so old school.
I decided my lack of vocabulary progression requires drastic measures, so flashcards it is.
These two cards are
муха 'fly'
внезапно 'suddenly'
which are words I recently read on languagehat.
These flashcards are both printed and scripted in Russian so that I can become more familiar with script. I don't yet know all the rules of writing script, so I am just doing my best.


11 November 2008

Why do you learn another language?

Last night an acquaintance asked me why I learn lots of languages. Is it for work or for fun? Then I wondered, do people think that language learning is a drudgery?

Why does anyone strive to be multi-lingual? Are there many jobs which require multi-lingualism from people who don't want to learn more languages? Internet, please enlighten me!