13 February 2005

Update to goals

After reading kangmi's post on daily goals, I've decided to update mine. In my first post, I listed several goals:

  • study about 2 hours a day:
    • One hour will be spent with the Rosetta Stone software
    • Second hour will be spent studying my grammar book, a Russian website, my audio cassettes.
  • I will be making flashcards of new vocabulary words to study at dull moments during the day.
These initially goals were well-intended, but after 3 months, I realize that I cannot meet them on a daily basis.

I like kangmi's very detailed list of goals.

Here is my revised list:
  1. Pimsleur at least once every other day.
  2. Rosetta Stone for 30 minutes/day.
  3. Review 1 flashcard per day.
  4. Listen/watch Russian media 2 times/week.
  5. Grammar book lesson 2 times/week.
  6. Blog once every other day.
This is basically the same content as my initial list, but I think the intervals and length of time are more realistic.

And one more further challenge to myself... if/whenever I meet a Russian-speaking person, I will make an honest attempt to speak a little Russian. This is the most difficult part for me because I am always too shy to give it a shot, fearing that I will make a hideous mistake. I need to get over it! I am a beginning student and I don't claim to be more. I should put my pride in my pocket and shout out my best Здравствуйте!

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