01 September 2005

Golosa, Chapter1

I bought the Russian textbook, workbook and audio CDs from my local university bookstore a month ago. Tonight I finally got around to using them for the first time. I worked on the first chapter.
I have discovered that all of the audio parts are available on the web! So I can return the CDs and get my $36.85 back. The audio lesson for chapter one basically reads the lesson out loud to you. Then I followed the audio parts of the workbook activities. Lastly, I listened to the reading (and listening) exercise. This was an interesting reading in a mixture of English and Russian. It is very strange sounding, you might want to check it out here.
This first lesson was very easy for me, but I enjoyed listening to these new speakers. I had become accustomed to my same old Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone speakers, so these new folks are a nice change.


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