28 May 2008

Asian Grocery

I popped into the local Asian grocery shop this afternoon to get a break from the office and to get out of the never-ending rain. I was hoping to find some Russian items- perhaps caviar, chocolates, or tea. Instead the aisles were filled with east Asian delights such as preserved duck eggs,
preserved duck eggs

fish snack,
fish snack

Snake Brand prickly heat powder,
Snake Brand prickly heat powder

and a little bit of jasmine rice.
jasmine rice


Anonymous said...

HI. Did you see any Konjac brown rice roll? It's really good. and healthy too... or so i've heard. The ingredients seem pretty healthy.

I've been studying russian too. Unfortunately it's not getting anywhere. I'm still stuck at introductions. =/ Learning the alphabet was the easy part.. everything else is just hard. Maybe my heart isn't into it anymore. On a side note, I am sort of fluent in Chinese and German. Though, I haven't found anyone to converse with.

Anonymous said...


DO you happen to know what this means on this jacket?