28 November 2008

Robin Williams Russian improv

I saw Robin Williams on The Graham Norton Show this weekend. I was surprised that he actually knows a few words of Russian and a few words of French well enough to use them during his improv. I can't imagine speaking Russian well enough to make jokes on TV!


Denis Drozdov said...

I've seen a few Hollywood stars speak Russian with shocking US accents. Nicole Kidman did quite well. She obviously practiced hard for one of her roles. I'm not sure if she knew what she was saying though :oP

I've studied Russian comprehensively over the past 4 years. One site I downloaded an audio program from was http://www.speaktorussianwomen.com

It taught me words, phrases and grammar in a way I'd never been shown. Very cool.

Елизавета said...

Wouldn't Nicole Kidman have an Australian accent?